Leadership learning

In any organization everyone needs leadership training.
Everyone is responsible for the quality of the leadership around them.

When leadership is taught together with specific management skills, when a focus on reframing mindsets is conjugated with narrow functional applications of management tactics, the whole suffers for the benefit of the few; and leadership as a critical life orientation is sacrificed in favor of a deleterious expediency. The majority checks out.

Leadership is universal, organic and atemporal. Management is functional, local, a twentieth century invention and impermanent. Leadership augments management skills. Management skills aid, yet narrow considerably the scope of leadership learning.

First, we should teach leadership concepts broadly and inclusively, then, develop and refine specific management skills exclusively. To not do this and pursue the traditional route, that is, to teach leadership concepts and management skills jointly prevents the mindset shift so vital to positive leadership development.

It prevents the shift because it focuses on the mundane transactional processes and not on the urbane thinking processes necessary to advance leadership in the organization: the mental model shift. Good technique means nothing without the right, positive, leadership mindset. The ‘how to’ should only follow the internalized ‘why’. Transforming leaders is the beginning.

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