Why I wrote “Teaching for Transformation — Teaching from the Heart”

Why I wrote “Teaching for Transformation — Teaching from the Heart” For a while after each class, a little vexed, my new teammates would ask, “How do you do it? How come people get involved so readily and so intensely in your sessions, and not in ours? The energy is so high, it’s exhausting at times. Why are your classes so popular? I want some of that power, that voodoo stuff. How can I learn? They would sit in the back of the room and observe. And then, they would try and reproduce what they considered techniques, to no avail. … Continue reading Why I wrote “Teaching for Transformation — Teaching from the Heart”

How we think matters

If you do belong as I suspect to the tribe called ‘the creatives’, then your job is not exactly to support anybody, but to lead the way through your service; to inspire employees to think more creatively as they tackle complex problems. You have a responsibility, and it is to remain true to your calling, to never forget who you are and what you stand for. Remain immersed in conviction, Wholehearted, become bigger and authentically YOU. It is only when you walk the talk, live a life of immersion in your values and embody your purpose that you stand a … Continue reading How we think matters

How to Become a Transformational Leader

If you expect consistent, across the board performance beyond expectations from employees, how do you prime the pump? Transformational leaders know how to get above average results on a consistent basis. When you think of a mushroom, what comes to mind? If you answered ‘fungus’ and ‘dirt,’ you are right! Where do mushrooms grow? Certainly not in direct sunlight, right? Yes, in darker, moist or humid places. They thrive on manure. Fungi have an important role in the decomposition of organic matter. Along with bacteria, they are the major decomposers in most ecosystems. What does the expression mushroom management conjure … Continue reading How to Become a Transformational Leader