How to Become a Transformational Leader

If you expect consistent, across the board performance beyond expectations from employees, how do you prime the pump? Transformational leaders know how to get above average results on a consistent basis. When you think of a mushroom, what comes to mind? If you answered ‘fungus’ and ‘dirt,’ you are right! Where do mushrooms grow? Certainly not in direct sunlight, right? Yes, in darker, moist or humid places. They thrive on manure. Fungi have an important role in the decomposition of organic matter. Along with bacteria, they are the major decomposers in most ecosystems. What does the expression mushroom management conjure … Continuer de lire How to Become a Transformational Leader

Leadership learning

In any organization everyone needs leadership training. Everyone is responsible for the quality of the leadership around them. When leadership is taught together with specific management skills, when a focus on reframing mindsets is conjugated with narrow functional applications of management tactics, the whole suffers for the benefit of the few; and leadership as a critical life orientation is sacrificed in favor of a deleterious expediency. The majority checks out. Leadership is universal, organic and atemporal. Management is functional, local, a twentieth century invention and impermanent. Leadership augments management skills. Management skills aid, yet narrow considerably the scope of leadership learning. First, we should teach leadership concepts … Continuer de lire Leadership learning