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Exuberance meets desperation. Met people so broken, you wondered, could they ever come back? Disconnected, yearning, broken yet happy? Even possible?

eBook | PaperbackThe Harder the Pain cover

« A Bible in one hand, the nice old couple, voguing in highly stylized humble poses and meek faces, a knowing smile at the ready, not daring to look Jim’s way, explained to the government people that came to get him back why they no longer desired to keep the troubled child. Mrs. Rockwell seemed at a loss. There was no room at the orphanage. If one was to believe all that had been said about him, Jim was clearly deranged. For one, he was incapable of empathy. She could see his blank stares. He didn’t appreciate how he made everybody’s life a living Hell. Why couldn’t he just behave? She would have him evaluated and probably interned after the summer, once space became available. »

eBook | Paperback

An emotional read!Broken Happy 3-001

I really enjoyed your novel Broken/Happy. First off, this is a really brilliant concept and I haven’t read something quite like it. I really enjoyed journeying through these different cultures and exploring the social issues you addressed. I loved that I was being transported all over the world and through space. It was a very emotional read. I think this is an amazing book filled with characters that steal your heart and emotionally charged relationships and ideas that drive the story. I can’t wait to see what you do next. This is a very emotional read and your structure is fantastic. You should be very proud of this piece.

Victoria Girmonde

eBook | PaperbackThe Unraveling 2020-001

This book tells a story of exclusion, of being made the “other”, kept in the dark and figuratively covered with dung; a story of people who embody difference and are subtly kept away from opportunities when it is feared they would threaten the status quo; of aspirations frustrated, if not by legal means, then by willful neglect. Exclusion through frustration is the name of the game.

eBook | PaperbackTeaching for Transformation

This book is for those who are motivated to design and deliver impactful learning events that optimize students’ engagement, interaction, and commitment to action. Teaching is about provoking learning that lasts, and learning is about becoming. This book can help you light a fire in the classroom, and keep learners thinking and inspired. Join the conversation and explore ways to promote transformational change from the inside out. If your teaching is too transactional you need this information. You too can excel at provoking new and creative thoughts in students while inspiring them to deliver results beyond expectations in their professional and personal lives. Teaching is an act of influence. Acts of influence seek to affect the thoughts, the behavior, and the feelings of people. To teach is to lead a transformation. Become the change agent you were meant to be!

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