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Comment Développer votre  Influence Personnelle

Coaching 1-001

Three-day workshop

Leadership for Transformation and Innovation. Changing times require bold leadership that facilitates and promotes innovation. Lateral thinkers thrive on non-traditional approaches to leadership; approaches that help foster an intr(a)preneurial spirit.

Transformational Leadership is a three-day workshop that teaches skills for creating alignment, inspiring performance beyond expectations and fostering creativity and innovation at all levels of your organization. By learning how to lead like a transformational leader and encouraging others to transform internalized powerlessness, you will generate robust commitment to the results that matter to your company.

be the change_2-001

This training is about how we connect, how we make decisions, how we work, how we learn and ultimately, how we lead.

What level of employee performance is your current leadership priming the pump for?

Ambitious missions need disruptive thinking. If the status quo, business as usual, same old routines, no thinking outside the box, conventional logic, no longer produce the results that are important to you, this class is for you. If you believe we need new bold ideas to drive new bold actions, remain relevant and thrive, this course is definitely for you.

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